Energix Intensify Your Workout!

Energix® is recommended for MMA, UFC, Boxing, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Bodybuilding and everyone else in need.

Energix® is a bio-stimulator with a rapid effect to help the restoration of the energy balance in the human body. The effect delivers you natural energy to maximize your performance levels along with longer sustained endurance levels, improved recovery between sets and higher mental acuity during exercise. This is accomplished by enhancing oxygen utilization and oxygen saturation of blood and tissue thereby increasing time to exhaustion while decreasing time of recovery. You can train longer, harder, and recover faster.




Energix helps your workout Energix benefits
Energix intensify your workout

Energix 30 capsules energy supplement (one month supply). Free shipping.

Energix the product bottle

Energix helps

  • To increase endurance and aerobic capacity
  • The reflex pathway move faster
  • Stronger and longer muscle contraction
  • To improve concentration, alertness and levels of attention
  • To maximize oxygen consumption and oxygen pulse
  • To delay onset of oxygen debt
  • Breathing at high altitudes
  • Maintain normal levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in brain
  • Faster recovery between sets

Energix may

  • Gives results in 45 minutes lasting from 4 to 6 hours
  • Reduce fatigue and enhance physical performance
  • Increase mental alertness and focus
  • Maximize oxygen consumption and oxygen pulse
  • Increase ATP for muscle contraction
  • Regulate cortisol levels
  • Increase muscle pump

Energix helps to increases the function activity of the heart and improves the respiratory function of the lungs. It enhances the consumption of oxygen during physical exercises and as an effect on its utilization facilities the introduction of oxygen into the body tissues. During episodes of extreme physical and mental workloads and or mental and physical exhaustion, Energix has an adaptogen effect which allows the body and mind to handle these extreme exertions.

The influence of Energix usually begins within one hour after ingestion and reaches its maximum effectiveness between hours one and four usually lasting up to six hours.

Conclusion: The recovery process in all volunteers observed were faster after ingesting ENERGIX compared to the group given the placebo.

Reference: Ovcharov, R. Bantuva, i. (1983). Energix, Pharmalogical study, MBI. 5.


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Energix the energy booster


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